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So it's happened again, as the Car Guys say. What a strange year it's been--and it's gone by blazingly fast, too, so much that on occasion I forget that it's happened at all. Ten months working now in San Francisco; ten months of California dreaming. A lot of the other stuff that tends to happen.

But I haven't much else to reflect on, to this point (perhaps tomorrow--my birthday kind of snuck up on me), so instead I'll just direct some general questions out there to my fellow Bay Area commuters:

1. Why, when Muni is apparently capable of getting one of the Airport Ladies to record their station announcements, does BART continue to rely on a voice synthesizer that would've been shitty in 1980 and sounds like it should be either lecturing about black holes or taking over the world?
2. Who designed the LED board announcements? Does "ad + ad + ad + time of next trains + time of next trains + time of next trains + current time" really make sense? Is there a reason "time + ad + time of next trains + time + ad + time of next trains ..." wouldn't do just as well, plus allow me to know soon after arriving at the station when the next train was?
3. What possesses people to stand around the door markings on the platform and rush forward whenever a train shows up, like goldfish waiting for flakes, then decide it's not the train they wanted and stand there in a dense protective clot that prevents others from embarking or disembarking? If I wanted a full-colour explanation of how platelets work, I would take biology.
4. The new watchword of the train narrators is "stan'Kobol'dorz". Why? Everyone says this, because I guess enunciating is just too damned difficult. Thus, I assume it is a reference to hit TV series "Battlestar Galactica," in which case kudos because that shit is fucking awesome.

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