A night at the Opera
Web browsing for Vikings
So first off, completely unrelated digression: The Dark Knight kicks so much ass it makes Chuck Norris look like a dog-tired Internet dead horse who was never all that funny to begin with. Seriously though if you haven't seen it yet you need to. If nothing else it is a decent movie; the only people saying otherwise are people who feel compelled to disparage it just to be cool, presumably because the rest of the IMDb can't see them smoking cigarettes behind their junior high gym but everyone can see their trolling threads ("WHY DIDN'T BATS MAN KILL THE JOKESTER? THIS MOVIE SUX" or somesuch)

But this post is actually about something completely different, namely Microsoft. I have said in the past I am a Microsoft loyalist. And I am--really. But Christ do they make it hard. I'm like the fucking Job of Redmond, except without the part where there's some great revelation and I suddenly don't feel like I've been shafted. And I mean, ok, I know that the basic problem is with me--I should reformat and start from scratch. Sure. But that bites, for those playing the home game.

So let's see. We have Microsoft Flight Simulator, the best civilian flight simulator out there that nonetheless looks exactly like it did 5 years ago despite requiring Blue Gene to run at a decent frame rate. We have the Zune, whose software was designed by sadists and whose hardware was apparently based on the notion that the iPod could be improved if it sucked more. We have Microsoft Office, which crashes so often that it has twice now popped up a wizard that says "uh, hey, I seem to be crashing a lot. Oops!". And then there is the Interwebs.

My general perspective is that Internet Explorer is a reasonably competent Internet browser the same as any other. HA HA! You SURE SHOWED ME, MICROSOFT! I had switched to the IE8 beta to see what that was like. I mean, it's a friggin' web browser. No biggie, except that it didn't want to render a lot of IE7-centric sites. Fine. But now it's broken, apparently, which leaves me with four choices that I can see.

1. Mozilla Firefox
Biggest pro: Sounds like the name of that awesome Eastwood movie
Biggest con: Has the same destructive relationship with memory as an Alzheimer's patient

2. Lynx
Biggest pro: Web-surfing looks like you're totally hacking some computer to steal money
Biggest con: Doesn't display pictures, FFS

3. IE7/IE8
Biggest pro: ??? Comes with the system so you don't have to try hard to use it ???
Biggest con: Constantly crashes, like a diabetic at Willy Wonka's factory

4. Opera
Biggest pro: Using it makes you even more unique than using a Mac
Biggest con: About as compatible with web pages as just reading the HTML out loud

Anyway I've gone with Door #5, which is Opera + Firefox for compatibility. I mean, Overall I like Opera. It lets me skin it so that there's virtually no unused space, maximising screen real estate. So that's cool. On the other hand there are a half-dozen pages in my daily check-list that hate the Opera browser with the same passion that six year olds hate actual opera. Including my bank. And the database I use most often at work. So, then it's time to break out the Firefox.

I've been using Opera since I started writing the code for this website, so I guess it's really kind of an Opera-centric site. As far as I know it works with everything else; let me know if you have problems.

Comrade Alex
22.07.2008 - 10h17
Comrade Alex
12.08.2008 - 6h10

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