And I was doing so good!
I'm sorry I haven't been around more D: It's not because I do...
I am coming to like Panic! At the Disco, but seriously, what the fuck is up with the song names?

(Curiously enough, "I Am Coming to Like Panic! At the Disco, But Seriously, What The Fuck Is Up With the Song Names?" is also the second track off their new album, out in stores when they find replacement musicians)

Anyway, though. I haven't been around because I haven't had 1) a computer or 2) time. The first part came from a sojourn to the Oregon Country, which I enjoyed a great deal. It was quite relaxing, but otherwise unremarkable save for the lack of technology. The second part came from a trip to San Francisco. Why you ask? Well that was because I was spending two weeks working where I used to, the company having asked me to come back.

I was busy, but it was a lot of fun and I am taking them up on their offer. Right now, I'm back in Colorado, trying to wrap up all my ties here, pack stuff, etc etc;

I have started writing a new story series, science fiction for once and perhaps pretty hard, depending on how well I can stick to it;

I will be speaking at Rocky Mountain Fur Con, having become their writing track (looking forward to this);

In a greater social stigma than being a furry, I have succumbed. This is because:

I have been playing around a great deal with my G1 phone, following the leak of the Hero shell, and the version I'm running comes with a widget built right in;

My computer keeps bluescreening, I suspect because the memory is broken;

I'll try to get back to regular posts here. I may try to write a sidebar widget to streamline the process, though honestly my big problem these days is having something to write about. Somebody told me to write about something, but I forgot what. Typography maybe?

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