And starring Morgan Freeman as...
... Morgan Freeman!
Two things (I know I said I wasn't writing, and I was kind of flippant about that... I may explain more later, as things develop).

First of all, I just watched Unforgiven. First caveat: Unforgiven is an awesome movie. Really, really awesome. It also stars:

Gene Hackman: playing a curmudgeonly man whose heart is in the right place although his actions are not always appropriate;
Morgan Freeman: playing an older, world-wise man who doesn't have the heart to do evil, and so mostly serves as the voice of wisdom for
Clint Eastwood: playing a gruff, take-no-shit bloke whose undefined but deeply-held code of ethics means you can watch him do cold-blooded shit while considering him "morally ambiguous".

These are the three main characters, all of whom are way, way out of their comfort zone here, so it's well worth a watch.

Second of all, today's word that sounds vaguely inappropriate while being completely innocuous: bistable multivibrator.

I am such a child D:

1.02.2009 - 3h24
Comrade Alex
1.02.2009 - 5h29

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