Big brother has your best interests in mind
Thank god for google
This is just a quickie.

I've written in the past about privacy concerns on the Internet. The web, in large part, depends on us giving up our privacy to allow advertisers to target us. This is not something many people are comfortable with, and some people would prefer that websites require them to "opt-in".

Into this melee steps Google's senior policy counsel with a white paper on the problems of opt-in. Beyond the biggest problem (fewer people agreeing to be spied upon for the sake of advertisements): increased sickness because people can no longer track disease cases (as through Google flu), the creation of a landscape of isolated "walled garden" websites, and eventually the downfall of society itself.

The consequences may be grave. Research has shown, for example, that groups of like-minded people discussing divisive topics will arrive at more extreme views than groups of people with diverse views. If opt-in were to motivate the increased use of social networks for content distribution, society may become more extreme and less likely to reach community-based solutions to societal problems calmly (emphasis mine).

— Nicklas Lundblad and Betsy Masiello
April 16, 2010

Holy fucking shit Google I didn't realise that D:

Please return to collecting as much data on me as possible to serve me banner ads about housewives in my town finding ways to whiten their teeth.
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