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I make these demands not for me--but for you, the people. I a...
BC and AD, being Latin in origin, doubtless strike some as being slightly archaic. Their religious origins--Ante Christum and Anno Domini, respectively--also tend to put some on edge. What is the answer to this thorny dilemma that nobody cares about?

The alternative is frequently to use the same general dating scheme, but to label the terms as "Before the Common Era" and "Common Era" instead. This has the advantage of retaining the letter-pair "BC" while also seeming marginally more civilised. Regardless of its origins, the BCE/CE pair has come to symbolise a more secular, tolerant, politically correct system of dating--the Jews, for instance, do not believe that Jesus was "our lord" and do not feel they should recognise him thusly.

Fair enough, but really, how does this solve anything? Ok, you've changed the name, but you're still insinuating that the "common era" is inherently tied to the birth of a single individual, or that things became radically different with said individual's birth. This is not true, of course; life +/- 100 years around the birth of Jesus was pretty much the same, and for many people--Asians, for instance; Africans, Americans--whatever changes that did occur didn't have anything to do with the Levant.

I know this tends to go well--like the silly French Revolutionary calendar--but I think it's time we had a new dating system. I would not propose replacing months and days, but I think we could change the baseline of our years. Perhaps we could have ages or epochs, for instance--AD 1066 could be Year 1 of the Norman Age, or somesuch. If this is the case, what divisions do we use? Certainly, some of them will be arbitrary--but then, so is the current system. Nothing wrong with a bit of tweaking.

A new baseline ought, I think, to be dated from an event of global importance or significance. I have four ideas--and hereby solicit your suggestions for others.

October 12, 1492
July 16, 1945
October 29, 1969 (alternatively January 1st, 1983)
January 1, 1970

What else should I be considering? MAKE YOUR CASES, PEOPLE.

26.05.2009 - 4h23
26.05.2009 - 5h04
26.05.2009 - 5h05
Comrade Alex
28.05.2009 - 5h46
28.05.2009 - 6h24

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