Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha haha ha.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahaha.
So, I was going to talk about what I've been doing to my website. For instance, to log in to edit it, I now enter the Konami Code!

Instead! Instead. Mm.

So, back in California I bought a Ford Bronco, because I figured I could drive it out here, sell it, and it would be cheaper than hiring a movers. Nobody wanted to buy it out here, so I wound up dropping the price down to $1500.

I finally found somebody willing to buy the car. This is a good thing! When he test-drove it (not when I drove it to meet him, mind you) it suddenly stopped developing any power in 1st or 2nd gear. So, he took it to the shop. Total bill: $400. Fuel filter, on this 1995 Bronco, was original. Somehow. Spark plugs needed replaced. Exhaust system fucked up. But he said "ok, we'll take that out of the price" and paid me.

Didn't get two hundred feet and the transmission melted. The Safeway parking lot is covered in transmission fluid to a depth of about an inch.


Anyway the story has a happy ending, in that I put up a Craigslist ad saying "if you don't tow this car, the city will. Give me any money and it's yours."

So I got a few hundred for it, and I don't have to deal with the car anymore.


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