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I'm on vacation, see?
12:27 PM

This blog is actually as much of a test of some new technology as it is a general update. The general update in my life is very simple—I'm on vacation now, in the wilds of Colorado (well, Denver, I mean. It's pretty wild). I'm preparing for Rocky Mountain Fur Con, this Saturday. I submitted a piece for possible publication for the first time. I'm kind of interested to see how that goes.

Last May, in advance of two 12–14-hour plane trips, I bought an iPad to keep me company. I enjoyed it a great deal then, although I later sold it when it became clear that I could do so at a premium (more than most things, I like money). So I haven't had one since, which is about two and a half months, which is good enough (for me) to demonstrate that I don't easy addict to technology. It helps that my attention span is rather short.

Anyway, I bought one again yesterday, because I decided "what the heck." I also decided to go at it a bit more intensely this time around, which means I a) jailbroke it, and b) bought like a case, so I can prop it up. I'm writing this blog post from a cafe in east Aurora, trying to see how the iPad functions as a productivity tool.

I'll spare people the effusive review, but suffice it to say I am incredibly happy with what I've been able to do so far. My typing is distracted by the presence of a very good salad on the table in front of me, but I venture to say that I'm making decent time. And of course, I'm writing in stream-of-consciousness, which is not conducive to fast text-flow because I keep having to think of what I want to say next.

What I'd really like the iPad to be able to do is to keep me from having to lug a laptop back and forth from work. Thus far, this goal seems to be in sight. In terms of what I generally do with my laptop—which is to say writing, reading TV Tropes, and playing games—I seem to be just about set.

It's definitely not the kind of device that can outright replace a computer as literally your only computing device, but I don't think it's completely off-base to suggest that it could come close. Considering that it absolutely excels at web-browsing and is competent at the kind of document editing that most people are likely to do (Word documents, blog posts like this one) I'd say the difference could be easily made up in, say, local-network VNCing away the rest.

Man. Christ. I don't like being a consumer whore but this is fucking amazing.

Also, I saw Inception last night, which was also fucking amazing. I would say that I have mixed feelings on Christopher Nolan, but I don't, really—I guess, as it turns out, it's just Memento that I didn't like very much. The Batman movies are fun, Inception is much better than, say The Usual Suspects, and The Prestige, which I also watched last night, is another decent romp.

So, you should go see Inception if you haven't already.

I am going to go enjoy my salad now. Peace out, peoples. And maybe I will write a review. Now that I think about it, I have some things to say.

La Chevre!
3.08.2010 - 2h55

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