Miller's Tale
Because Iran is so yesterday's news.
It should be said that, while I like certain comic book franchises, I am not on the whole a comic book reader with limited exception (actually only one that I can think of--"Tank Girl"). I liked the Moore-ish League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta, though I don't think either were terribly good movies. Frank Miller, however, is really failing to impress me.

I rewatched Sin City hoping to gain a better understanding of it, but it still comes across as pretentious, a pastiche that requires you to buy into the silliness of it all (this coming from someone who enjoys Mickey Spillane) without ever really giving in to that silliness (I mean picture if all my writing was done in that ridiculous style. Here, have an mp3). Of course, Garrison Keillor has been employing the same technique for about fifty years now.

I've already covered my thoughts on 300, and I didn't care for the Robocops, so my question now is: am I missing something? Does Miller (unlike Moore, Miller is involved with these movies) not translate well from a graphic novel medium? Is he simply overrated? I'm so confused.

In other news, upon listening to it more closely, I'd like to strike one of the original songs from the Border Collie Film Association Top 20 Movie Soundtracks List and replace it with John Powell (the Bourne movies)'s theme to the Disney animated feature Bolt, which has over the last two weeks become just about my favourite movie of all time.

Like most such movies, Powell's score is fairly varied, between the light "The RV Park" and the almost Saving Private Ryan-esque, at times, "Where Were You On St. Rhino's Day". However, because the central device is an action television series, the soundtrack also fulfils my need for punchy, fast-moving action music, several times over. Seriously it's a great score--better by far, I am slightly saddened to say it, than my previous leader in the "animated non-musical" category, James Horner's score to Balto.

I don't care which movie you replace. Originally I was going to do the obvious thing and replace Hisaishi, but the more that I think about it the more I think that's not quite fair. My thinking now is to strike Finding Neverland, even though I like the piano music, but I could also see losing Zhivago. My top 5 stays pretty much intact, I think, because I would feel weird putting a John Travolta-Hannah Montana feature in with Howard Shore and Elmer Bernstein. But... maybe...


Anyway, peace out.

Wait. Wait. I mean.

The post was finished, I just couldn't bring myself to hit the "submit" button. I stared at the mouse for a good, long while.

Then it was over

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