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Stab stab stab
Two bits of news for your digestion today (making up for lost time with the no recent posts).

First, some grammar naziism:

Dog Saves Cats

Forget what you know about dog and cat rivalries. One heroic pooch is breaking the mold.

A two-year-old boxer/pit bull mix that had been turned over to the Nevada Humane Society's shelter in Reno was credited with rescuing six abandoned kittens after he found the frightened felines in the bushes while walking with a pair of volunteers on a hot Nevada day.

The kittens were described as "frightened" and "hungry."

The dog, ironically named "Angel," even tracked down one of the kittens that escaped before shelter staff were summoned to the scene.[emphasis mine]

The AP courtesy of Fox

No, AP. No. That's not fucking ironic. What's ironic is one of the most ubiquitous grammatical errors one could make being written by the Associated goddamned Press. Yes it's obdurate. Yes it can be confusing. And yes, this is a stupid fluff piece destined mostly to be passed around by sweater-wearing grandmothers in between fits of baking apple pies. But Christ on a crutch. You're the AP! That doesn't excuse you!

*pant, pant*

Unless this was... like... grammatical meta-instruction? And they did it on purpose?

Second, Joe Biden. Worrying man. He may (or may not, I don't know) see the Internet as more than just a truck, but he has a worryingly neanderthalic view of computing technology. While I at times consider McCullagh a bit of an alarmist, CNET's writeup--entitled "Joe Biden's pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record"--is nonetheless illustrative. Two points of primary concern:

One, he's ardently pro-IP, siding with the RIAA and Hollywood consistently including at one point trying to compell the Justice Department to begin felony prosecutions under the NET act. In these manners, he generally pals around with Dianne Feinstein--whose mouth is also firmly around Big Content's dick and has been for some time--which is about all you need to know. He's also pro-DRM, including introducing legislation that would make circumventing DRM a felony.

Two, he's just as ardently anti-electronic freedom. As McCullagh points out, his borderline-fascist thinking was directly responsible for the creation of PGP and the CDT. He backed a USA PATRIOT-precursor in 1995, voted for the USA PATRIOT Act itself, and then (again partnering with Feinstein, whose own actions re: civil liberties suggests she does not understand that "Orwellian" is in common parlance held to be a bad thing) in 2003 had the gall to describe criticism of it as "ill-informed and overblown".

He also believes that America is "every country's problem and every country's solution" but despite this bit of neoconservative puffery, and although he likes wiretapping, the RIAA, the PATRIOT Act, restricting civil liberties using the bogeyman of terrorism, he is for instance anti-gun, which would seem to distance him from the GOP. Analysing Biden is made more complicated by his willingness to vote against long-held positions when his party wants him to (mostly) or he thinks it could benefit him personally, but he seems a mixed bag over-all--he voted for Defense of Marriage but thinks civil unions are ok and same-sex marriage is "inevitable", for instance, which is a fairly liberal position.

Still, his position on electronic freedom is alternately vaguely troubling and outright terrifying. Sure, VPs aren't good for much--and I've seen some analysis suggesting McCain is liable to run a more liberal veep, essentially making both tickets identical but reversed. But I have to admit, after giving it some thought, a bit of scepticism.

Of course, since I told someone this on the phone this morning, Sen. Biden probably already knows that...

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