Oh hai.
Catching up and stuff.
So, I'm not dead.

I've been busy, doing stuff. Lots of stuff. Quick run-down:

1. I'm employed now. I'm writing, which doesn't pay much but lets me work in a t-shirt and shorts;
2. I'm drinking a lot of tea. It's pretty cool. I'm antioxidising like a motherfuck. There is no rust on me.
3. I've been accepted at George Washington University and if I can line up the finances right I'll be going there in the fall.
4. I was at Furry Weekend Atlanta last week and fuck, man, ok that deserves more than a bullet point

I go back and forth on the furry fandom. Sometimes I fall out of love with it, and then all it takes is a convention to jolt me right back in. It's so much fun, hanging out with people--I got to meet a couple of people I've known online but never shaken hands (paws?) with before. Beautiful stuff.

As a result of some conversations there, I'm considering the logistics, expense, and purpose behind starting a new furry website. Given that most of you guys are furry fandom types yourself, I may link my briefing up here for comments before I start passing it around generally. The details are a little fuzzy for me right now, but the couple of people I've talked to about it so far have been positive. Maybe I'll write a lengthier blog post tomorrow (haha like i would do that for real).

5. My computer got hit by a power surge and exploded with sparks and everything. That was cool.
6. No, no it actually sucked hardcore. Sorry for the confusion.

1.04.2009 - 2h05
Comrade Alex
1.04.2009 - 2h39
La Chevre!
1.04.2009 - 11h00
Comrade Alex
2.04.2009 - 12h40

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