Stream of consciousness musing roundup
Because it feels weird to just post nothing at all
1. Surprising nobody (no, not really even me), Bigfoot turns out to be a hoax and the people claiming to have found him have according to some accounts disappeared. C'est la vie, as the French say, or would if they had much concern over le pied grande or what have you. Monsieur Sasquatch.

2. I don't really have a whole lot to write about. I am, however, considering making the Daily HREF feature into one that only runs weekdays, both as a combination of not wanting to completely tap my interesting sites list and because I get up at like 10 or 11 on the weekends and am not generally in a state of mind to be rummaging about for links. I also note that nobody has submitted any to me D:

3. I'm now using the blue inverse style solely. I'll probably bring something else up in the next couple of days, but it's unlikely to be as radical. This took me awhile to put together, and the help of a friend with artistic sensibilities. I do need to change the background of the rollover links, but that's about it. A few other things could become darker, but I'm not terribly concerned.

4. I think they underpressurise the BART trains. Generally by Oakland on the way back home I'm dead, and I don't wake up again until Rockridge or Orinda. It's pretty insane.

5. My shoes are fucking awesome. I bought these things on Memorial Day. It is now, uh, a week or two out from Labour Day. One of the shoes permits the sidewalk to get through the sole and rub against my sock. The other has detached from the sole along 25-30% of the inside edge. In this way do we see the delicious side effects of things that come from China.

6. Between now and Christmas: Brothers in Arms, Spore, Grand Theft Auto 4. Yes indeed, my PC brethren, God does indeed love us--it just takes awhile, sometimes. What's interesting is that although there was widespread fan speculation, Rockstar didn't confirm or deny anything until just this month. Perhaps they were trying to hold out against EA (oh and by the way how awesome is that news? Mm. Whole other RDM).

7. At work, I was browsing the network drive we use to share documents, which as I am the IT manager is my responsibility. We never have much space on it--it's 160GB in a weird RAID setup that consists of 3 80GB drives. I'm no mathemagician, but even I can figure out that 3x80 don't equal no 160. I'm not sure which of the drives isn't carrying its weight, but I believe this setup is not fulfilling the redundant part of redundant array. Anyway, we're space limited, right? I discovered a pair of movie files, one about two minutes long and the other about five. For some reason, each of them has copies living in six different places.

Oh right and they're both a gigabyte each.

I think IT must be responsible for more suicides than failed relationships and stock market crashes put together.

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