The Kids are alright
Some of them, anyway.
Kids, which introduced Rosario Dawson and Chloë Sevigny to the world, is unrelentingly bleak. But then, given its subject matter--sexually active teenagers during the AIDS epidemics of the late 80s and early 90s--perhaps this is scarcely surprising. Despite the bleakness I quite enjoyed it--it uses a documentarian style that, I think, works better than a traditional narrative.

Or, it's possible that Harmony Korine is a son of a bitch; I'm not sure. I really liked his segments in the Beautiful Losers documentary, though.

Movies about bleak topics do not necessarily require bleakness, I know--the question then, rather, is whether they benefit from it or not? There are some movies where one wonders if the point is to get you to think about things at all or to bludgeon you with how artistic and powerful they are until you either start crying or the movie ends. Either way they get their money. Schindler's List comes to mind here. Perhaps Kids is sort of like that, but with more joint-rolling.

Now I need to go watch something to wash my brain out.

20.06.2009 - 10h07
Comrade Alex
21.06.2009 - 2h21

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