Transition effects
Ch-ch-ch-chaaaanges (turn and face the strain, bitches)
So as of this point (11 July, 2008) I am transitioning my centre of activity from to will continue to host the Furry Survey as well as my old blog entries, until such time as I port them over here--though don't hold your breath; this is me we're talking about.

There is also much that remains to be done. In particular, I have not yet set up the comments system (which means you can't comment on my Musings, which brings them back out of blog territory again, haha). I also do not have the code written to produce the reviews, or the index pages for the photogallery and review sections.

"Where does the difficulty stem from?" you ask, because I know you are hanging on the every movement of this website. Well it comes because the entire website is non-static. "Eh?" What I mean:

KDC did not have many pages. But it had:

A static main page, four static site pages (about the site, about me, about BCE, contact info):
Three static subsection (Site, Creative, Other) pages. None of those ever changed
Four static index pages (listing RDMs, reviews, photogalleries, and writing) that had changing elements (as new items were added) but still separate .php pages.
Four content delivery .php page (RDM, review, photogallery, writing) that served up information either from files I uploaded to the server or from the database.

Whereas Collie.SU has:

A content page

That content page queries the database that contains the entire site. It is actually, all things considered, remarkably small--this is because, when you get down to it, Sympathy for the Devil and the "About Alex" section of the website are really about the same (long, depressing chunks of text).

I've written some functions that I can include in pages at my leisure--to create a list of all my writing stuff, for instance, or to create a picture. This also lets me farm all the stylistic stuff out to the CSS, so that when someone with better/any taste comes along I can fix stuff real quick-like.

Working with databases is kind of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it gives me much more flexibility to define global styles and makes the page itself highly modular. On the other hand, it significantly reduces my flexibility within individual pages. I haven't decided yet whether the tradeoff is worth it, but at the moment I think I'm leaning towards 'yes'.

We'll see.
Comrade Alex
17.07.2008 - 7h19

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