You gotta have style
Not like I'd know.
A brief update. For people tired of the red-grey-tan style of the website, I now offer an alternative (because I'm just that nice). This is a higher-vis blue-themed style, with navy background, dark green sidebar, and blue/slate topbar. Light blue text. It also switches the Bell MT of the old site (mostly--it's kept in a few places) for the more standard and legible Helvetica/Arial, though as I like neither I'm open to other suggestions for high-visibility replacements.

Oh, yes. It also replaces the CDS logo at the upper right with the provisional roundel of the Otterburn Revolutionary Action Front, the paramilitary arm of the Border Collie Union.


Anyway, the two new arrows in the upper right will switch the style for you. Eventually they'll point to, uh, different styles, but for right now it's just the two. Cookies will need to be enabled for style persistence; otherwise you can just switch on every page you visit, I guess.


[PS: If you have ideas for other styles, feel free to let me know and I'll try to implement them too]
La Chevre
15.08.2008 - 6h28
Comrade Alex
15.08.2008 - 6h46
La Chevre
17.08.2008 - 1h22

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