An American in... Berlin
Weekly dispatches from the City by the Spree
In August, 2011, I relocated to Germany for work. It's been my experience that, frequently, people who move to another country sometimes try to make everything seem magnificent — as though their new home is so incomparably superior to their old that it defies belief, and the residents of their erstwhile home country are completely missing out. Or, they do the opposite, locking themselves in their hotel room, seeking out reruns of Friends and stalking the local McDonald's like a vagrant.

I'm going to try to avoid this. Every Saturday, when I am in my apartment (that is, not travelling for work), I will write a short piece that talks about what it's like to have moved to Germany, a foreign language and culture that has both its ups and downs. Then, I will post these things here. You are free to ask me questions, which I will answer in an upcoming diary. Yeah.

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