Diary of an Expat, Part 69
Jedoch der kleinste Sonnenschein!
Some days I put off writing this update because I have nothing to say.

I mean, really, nothing. "Germany: the weather is kind of shit, but at least there's more sun now."

This is one of those days, which is why this update is going up on Sunday instead of on Saturday. I took Saturday to think about something useful, and came up short.

The weather has been dismal here, which I guess is probably to be expected. Surprisingly enough, despite our fields of sunflowers and our steadfast dedication to renewable energy, Germany does not have a terribly agreeable climate for the parts of the year that are not spring or September.

I will note two things about this:

Firstly, it has been snowing here. I know this chiefly because of the kvetching of my British coworkers, which leads me to reflect and decide that virtually all of the Brits I know complain endlessly about snow when it occurs. But... like... I'm not a climatologist, sure, but I'm pretty damned sure they actually do have snow over there.

A British coworker of mine, after muttering about the snow for a few minutes, finally saw fit to offer the explanation that it was a mix of a tendency to complain about things (fair enough, I do that) and that the news media tends to overhype the snow when it occurs, so that it's all anyone thinks about. Fair enough, I guess, and in any case it's better than the ceaseless rain of last winter, but... still :<

Secondly, here is "Solar power in Germany", a Wikipedia article. Note the part where it says that we set a record on 2526 March, generating a third of the country's peak power needs from solar energy. Now take a look at that shaded map, the one that tracks average insolation in Germany.

Now, in a separate browser tab, open up this map of insolation in the United States. You see the red bits of Germany, down by Munich and the Italian border? Guess what parts of the United States that corresponds to.

Did you think it was also the red parts? Have you ever been to Arizona? Fellow southwesterner Procyon will have quickly apprehended that, in fact, Munich's insolation compares with, say, northern New York, or the UP. Berlin, where I live, matches up to Alaska.

You guys need to pick up the pace, is all I'm saying.

I'm also saying I'm really looking forward to summer, because the snow is starting to get on my nerves. I've started trying out different beers, because I mean, it's friggin' German FFS. But beers really go much better with summer, so now I'm impatient.

In two weeks I'm going to Spain for work. The travel agency was like "well, the second cheapest flight connects through Ibiza." And I looked at my vacation days ever so longingly...
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