Diary of an Expat, Part 70
nothing to see here, move along
Spent a couple days in Finland this week, which I enjoy doing. I will be going back next week.

Helsinki and Berlin give me a profound appreciation for cities with small, intimate airports. Next Sunday I fly out of Schoenefeld for the first time, which is something I am not exactly looking forward to. I've never seen the inside of it.

The weather is finally starting to take a turn for the non-wintery. It snowed here and in Finland, but there were people biking to work in Helsinki when I was there, and more people doing that in Berlin. I am just about ready for winter to be over.

This post, like last week's, is exceptionally banal. I'm forcing myself to keep writing in the hopes that eventually I will stumble across something interesting, and because it's good to have habits, but I've been working ridiculous hours the last few weeks, which will last until the end of February, and which make it difficult for me to think about things that are not sleeping.

I will say that I had sort of undervalued Thai food here in Berlin. It appears that this may be where the city really excels. Setting aside various shawarma opportunities, there are a lot of Thai places here, and many of them are turning out to be extremely good. Nor does this seem, as with other restaurants, to be localized to any given area of the city (is it possible to get Chinese food south of the Spree? I have my doubts).

The other advantage of Thai food, beyond universality, is that at least some chefs don't seem to mind putting actual heat into the hot bits, and that makes my tongue happy. Every time I leave Berlin to a place with better food, such as Istanbul or McDonald's, I do get a little grouchy upon my return. It's worse in the winter, when the local markets are less useful.

I did pick up some strawberries — I didn't check the origin but I'd guess Spain or something like that. Strawberries make me very happy, as a rule, but these were a little disappointing, so I guess we're not quite to spring yet. But soon! Soon, as I look longingly at the calendar. I have 38 days of vacation to find a way to use up.

And that's all she wrote.
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