Diary of an Expat, Part 81
Movies, rain, mostly rambling
The rainy season has started!

Berlin has some nice weather, when it feels like it. Much of the time it's relatively sedate, but it is good at pulling off rainstorms that pack a thirty minute shower into two or three minutes, and it is fantastic and glorious when that happens. You can get soaked in a matter of seconds. I mean completely soaked, too! Mm.

On the other hand, it hasn't been like that for most of this week. Thursday was a holiday in Germany, because it was the Ascension, which is something that even most Christians don't seem to care that much about in the United States. Here it's a bank holiday, much as Easter is. It's a nice touch, having days off in the middle of the week.

I biked down to the Tiergarten on a perfectly, ridiculously beautiful afternoon, and discovered that it was warm enough that people were out in force. So, tip to those of you visiting Berlin: no good travel plans begin with the notion, "let's bike through the Brandenburg Gate." Visit plans, yes, visit the hell out of that thing. Travel... ah, not so much.

Digression: There's a big hotel down here, the Adlon; it's been featured in a couple of movies. Right off the Platz, very posh I hear. If you want to know about Berliners in a nutshell, know that the owner of the hotel was an old Imperialist, who figured that the Kaiser was the only one who had the right to come through the Gate, and so he didn't bother looking for traffic before stepping out into the street. As a matter of habit (Berliner thing #1).

Naturally, he was hit by a car. Naturally, he figured that this reflected more about cars than it did about him, so he kept doing it (Berliner thing #2). Finally he was hit again, and this time it was sufficient to kill him. So it goes.

Anyway they rebuilt the hotel after The War, so you can stay there if you want. Me, I was biking through, because I was headed down to Potsdamer Platz to catch a movie, which happened to be Star Trek. This allows us to relate a few things, such as:

It is possible to watch English movies here, and a lot of Germans do so; naturally
They don't have the best taste in movies, although TBH Star Trek is pretty fun so you should go see it, even though
You won't get to watch it with German Trekkies, like I did

Actually, the theater was a lot of expatriates, I think. Comparatively few of them, if I'm to judge from accents, were American. It's a bonding sort of thing, I guess, going to see an English-language movie. They did not bother to subtitle it, and it was presented with the original voices. Naturally the advertisements were in German, and there were a lot of them. I would say it is more obnoxious than in American theaters, but I go to a theater in the US that doesn't really run ads so it's hard for me to judge.

For what it's worth, speaking of judging, German Trekkies are pretty much the same as American Trekkies, except perhaps a bit better kept, and with slightly worse cosplaying tendencies. By this I mean that their uniforms are not quite as neat, which is a little strange to me — if there's one thing the Germans are good at, it's hobbies, and I would've expected them to rock a mean VISOR. Naw.

I don't remember from Eurofurence whether or not the German furry crowd is similarly less dedicated to the process of dressing up. It seems, from my recollection, that it didn't feel like it was as big of a "thing" as it is in American conventions. Take that as you will, I suppose. I don't own a suit or a uniform, because... I don't know why. Because I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I suppose that could be my first foray into the art of the German hobbycraftsmanshipcommunity.


(Also, I know the Twitter widget no longer works, in a more dramatic way than its previous nonfunctioning. I will try to fix that, but that requires me to figure out the Twitter web API and :/ So we'll see)
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