Diary of an Expat, Part 92
Ride from Magdeburg via ICE
Germany through the windows of an ICE train is a lot of little towns, with that traditional look to them that just shouts 'western Europe'...

But expanses of fields, too, golden beneath the evening light. We were rolling through Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony) at six or seven in the evening, courtesy of an hour delay on the train.

At high speed, flashing signs appear only in glimpses -- this one wasn't here when I was composing the picture, which I found interesting as it appeared, like one of those ghosts that always used to plague silver halide...

Oh, right. Speed. Yes, it happens on occasion! The rails are still long and straight, courtesy of electric welding.

Our destination! Berlin's central station, oder Berlin Hauptbahnhof, seen here with a nonplussed polizei fellow below.

Another view of Hauptbahnhof. It's fantastically complex, and huge, and sprawling. Like much of Berlin's public transit, really...

... But not all. Uh, hope you can figure out how to deal with the complexity of this, a helpfully provided route map for subway U-55.

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