A journey to San Francisco
Taken sometime in March, 2008. Golden Gate: check.
So my roommate's mother was in town this March and as I had been in San Francisco six months then without ever doing any touristy shit, I accompanied the two of them down into San Francisco. Mind you by "into San Francisco" I mean, uh, like North Beach - Fisherman's Wharf - Barbary Coast, so not like the Loin or anything.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Alcatraz Island
The thing about Alcatraz is, I think, that it doesn't look all that imposing from the outside. It just looks like an island, and you're like "well Jesus, man, that doesn't look so bad. Don't be such a pussy". Yeah. I guess if you had to be stuck there with no civil rights and no DS it would kind of suck, though.

San Francisco skyscraper
One thing about San Francisco is that you will find, I think, that if you want to photojournal it you wind up with far fewer pictures of landmarks than you'd expect. Admittedly I, uh, don't really know where this skyscraper is but hey who's counting, right? I like the architecture.

Coit tower
Ok, so it's a spire that kinda looks like a dick, and it's called Coit Tower. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Balancing rocks
Some enterprising person was setting up rocks in a state of perfect balance. To my best knowledge they aren't like... welded or glued together or anything. In person it looks really awesome.

Balancing rocks
Although in jpeg form it looks, uh, more like a photoshop job. C'est la vie.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of seagulls (though I find them infinitely preferable to pigeons). Down along the Hyde St. pier, however, where they get fed regularly, they do pose for nice pictures.

Golden Gate bridge, late afternoon
Well I promised you pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and goddamnit here they are. I mean, it's a bridge. It's a little scary to drive over. It's orange.

Golden Gate bridge, late afternoon wide angle
Once more, from further out. I suppose it is kinda nifty. Kinda.

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