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I am kind of a photographer. Not especially seriously, because like most people I am extremely lazy, and so "go out and take pictures" frequently ranks below "stay home and watch The Big Lebowski again" in terms of priorities. Also I have a big camera that I can't just shove in a pocket, which makes things slightly more cumbersome.

Anyway, occasionally I turn up with something passable. More often than that, I just have something to say and although I am verbose pictures remain a way of bundling words up neatly. Sometimes. Anyhow, the pictures below are sorted by the order in which I uploaded them, which is not necessarily the order they were taken. Everything was taken with either a Pentax *istDS (why the asterisk is there--or how it is pronounced--is beyond me) or, later, with a Pentax K10D. 70-300 Tamron zoom lens for telephoto and portraits; 18-55 Pentax lens for everyday. We like to keep it simple.

A journey to San Francisco Taken sometime in March, 2008. Golden Gate: check.
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The badlands of South Dakota Yes, it's just more pictures of rocks. September, 2007.
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