About Alex
Furry writer thing. Geek of all trades.
Hey dudes!

My name is Alex, and this is my website. I'm 26 years old, and I moved from San Francisco to Berlin, Germany in August, 2011. You can read about my adventures in this crazy strange new world at your leisure by way of my expat diaries. I have a degree in anthropology, but I work as a writer and strategist for Nokia, the crazy/crazy-awesome Finnish cell phone company. That's not my business card, over there, but it does have a QR code on it and I love those things.

I was born in Baltimore, my parents are from Oregon, I went to elementary school in Japan, lived for 10 years in Colorado, and spent the last 3 years in California. It's hard to consider myself as being "from" anywhere as a result, though I guess Oregon or Colorado are close enough for government work.

Outside of work, I'm a writer, chiefly fiction and ramblings in my blog. Beyond that, I like walking around places. When it's raining, or cold, I like technology. I enjoy tinkering, which is why my desktop is overclocked and also dual-boots OS X and Windows for some reason. I have half a dozen cell phones, though that's more of a work thing. I dabble in programming &mdash mostly PHP and JavaScript, but also Python, Java, C and VB.Net on occasion.

I like music, about an even mix between classical (particularly the romantic period &mdash Dvorak's "New World" symphony, for instance), classic rock, and semi-obscure urban hipster stuff. I also really like alternative stuff like Stars and Belle and Sebastian, because I'm Sensitive. But there's no genre of music I dislike; I grew out of that phase a couple years back.

I used to be more high strung, but that got tiring so I try to be pretty chill these days. I also used to be really into politics, and now I'm not. I'm guessing the two are related. I'm passionate about some things, like writing, cryptoanarchism, and copyright reform. But if you disagree with my politics, my spirituality, my musical tastes, or my fashion, uh, sense? Shit, man, who cares? It's a big world, and we're not going to convince each other of anything. Might as well kick back and do something else.

That kind of live-and-let-live mentality may be why I like dogs so much. They've pretty much got the world figured out. Which is not to say that I want to be a dog. I like opposable thumbs. But in any case it's as good a place as any to say I am a card-carrying member of the furry fandom. If you know me from outside my immediate circle of friends and coworkers, it's probably from there.

In the past I was known as Klisoura, which is a name I picked randomly but have nonetheless used for more than five years now, perplexing residents of the town itself. I don't use the Klisoura character so much anymore, hence I've moved here. I mean, at least "collie" is a real word, right?