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As I said on the landing page, this website exists in large part just because I wanted the TLD. This being said, there are a couple of design principles I have historically stuck with and will continue to attempt to uphold. Among them:

1. Fuck client-side scripting. This page ought to be standards-compliant, and it makes extensive use of CSS. I do not have any JavaScript here and do not intend to.
2. Ease of editing. It should be as simple as possible to add new content. The more difficult it is to do, the less likely I am to do it.
3. Ease of navigation. One of the things that comes with not using scripting (or Flash, etc) is that one can get back to the business of delivering content. Ideally, this site should be as easy to get the information you want out of as possible. Then you can run away, having used it like a whore. You bastard D:
4. Database driven. There is actually only one webpage on the server. It makes calls to an SQL database to make all the other awesome stuff happen. I'm getting... well, not good at it, but I can get by.

So far, so good. Transitioning completely away from klisoura.com, with its existing architecture, has been a painful process. I would give it a couple of weeks before the page is 100%. But, I'll get there eventually, and then stuff will be cool. I hope.