Reach out and touch someone
If you need to get in touch, the best method is probably through E-mail. I check the address regularly, and it goes to my phone so I should generally be able to respond relatively quickly (though time zones may work against you). There are some others, but you should generally not use them: - You know, the one for this website. Whoda thunk? - Checked every day, though I don't use MSN Messenger much - My address at the Furry Research Center.

If you feel the need to holler at me via the IM thing, you can find me as @osakimandias on Twitter, on GChat or OSDCC on AIM.

Still not far enough? Well fine. Yes, I also have a phone. Yes, it is cellular so that you can call and disturb me when I'm performing brain surgery. Yes, you can have the number. +49 176 7168 5971.

I used to be available telepathically, as well, but I don't have the time for that anymore. Sorry folks.